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Adkins Cemetery

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  • Short Title Adkins Cemetery 
    Author Adkins Cemetery 
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    Text Cemeteries: Adkins Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, LA Submitted by: Mrs. Jerry Gallagher 303 E. Arizona Avenue, Ruston, LA 71270 USGenWeb NOTICE: Libraries and individual researchers may download this file for personal, non-commercial use only. Any other use requires written permission from the transcriber. The submitter has given permission to the USGenWeb Archives to store the file permanently for free access. ADKINS CEMETERY Compiled by Jerry Gallagher Directions: Take Hwy 79 North from Homer, Louisiana. Travel about 6.5 miles. Turn left on Camp Road and travel about 1.1 miles. Cemetery is on the right. ADKINS, PIETY PRUDENCE SANSING BORN 1786, BUTE CO., NC, DIED SEPT 1879, AGE 93 "Wife of Zaccheus Adkins, Daughter of Charles and May Sansing, G.Daughter of James & Margaret Sansing Adkins, Infant Born & died 5/28/1914 (son of A. W. & E. L. Adkins) Adkins, Infant 10/15/1887-10/4/1888 (son of G. W. & M. L. Adkins ) Adkins, Infant born & died 9/15/1901 (son of M.C. & N. E. Adkins) Adkins, Augustus W. 7/16/1880-1/31/1927 (Son of G. W. & M. L. Adkins) Adkins, Bennie C. 8/27/1892-11/6/1954 (son of Miles C. & N.E. Adkins) Adkins, Vera Harris 10/29/1896-4/7/1982 (wife of Bennie C. Adkins) Adkins, Bill 1907-1981, age 74, (son of Menzo Adkins) Adkins, Della M. 12/8/1872-8/17/1963 (dau of G. W. & M. L. Adkins) Adkins, Doy 5/10/1910-4/15/1983 Adkins, Mary 5/28/1938-10/9/1994 Adkins, Ella 1861-1942 (wife of J. B. Adkins, dau of Jehu Knighten) Adkins, J.B. ("Jim Buck") 11/15/1857-6/20/1899 (son of L.C.C. and Jincy Adkins) Adkins, G. Craton 1883-1953 ((son of G. W. Adkins) Adkins, Lula L 1885-1978 (wife of Craton Adkins) Adkins, G. W. 3/12/1849- 10/22/1916 (son of L.C.C. & Jincy Adkins) Adkins, Margaret 12/26/1848-11/7/1910 (wife of G. W. Adkins) Adkins, I. F. 10/26/1877-9/18/1922 (Son of g. W. & M.L. Adkins) Adkins, Jane died 2/5/1955 or 65? 1 yr. 20 days Adkins, Betty Jane 9/3/1940-3/5/1941 (Dau of Sherman & Ruth Adkins) Adkins, J. L. 4/11/1885-12/14/1887 (son of G. W. & M. L. Adkins) Adkins, Jehu 1/9/1896-1/11/1990 (son of J. B. & Ella C. Adkins) Adkins, L.C. 1894-1981 (son of J.B. & Ella C. Adkins) Adkins, Nettie Lou Woods 1895-1965 (wife of L.C. Adkins) Adkins, L.C.C * 1819-5/23/1893 Adkins, Lillian 10/27/1887-10/24/1924 (dau of J. B. & Ella C. Adkins) Adkins, Mallie Lamar 11/2/1930-1/22/1991 (Son of Lamar Christopher and Nettie L. Woods Adkins, M. C. 4/8/1855-10/5/1907 (son of L.C.C. & Jincy Adkins) Adkins, Nancy Evelyn Smith 10-2-1867-9/11/1901 (wife of M.C. Adkins) Adkins, M. C. 2/8/1857-3/19/1884 (wife of M.C. Adkins) Adkins, Menzo 1875-1943 (son of G. W. & M. L. Adkins) Adkins, Dink 1870-1951 (wife of Menzo Adkins) Adkins, Elma Lee Robinson Walker 8/10/1886-8/27/1967 (wife of Willie A. Adkins and A.D. Walker) Adkins, Milly 7/16/1878-9/26/1881 (dau of M.C. & M. Callie Adkins) Adkins, N. E. 10/2/1867-9/11/1901 34 yrs. 11 mos. 9 days (wife of M.C. Adkins) Adkins, Murray Russell 11/13/1897-4/13/1964 Adkins, Ophelia 1898-1941 (dau of J. B. & Ella C. Adkins) Adkins, Terrell W 7/1/1907-3/3/1909 (son of A. D. & Elma L. Adkins) Adkins, Willie A. 3/18/1883-7/19/1910 27 yrs. 4 mos 1 day (son of M.C & M.C. Adkins) Adkins, Ideley 7/6/1878-9/26/1881 (dau of M.C. & M.C. Adkins) Bennett, Alicia Lynn, If. Dau. Of Alan & Donna Bennett 3/25/1985 Bennett, Catherine 7/2/1925- Bennett, Buford 12/29/1922-12/10/1996 Bunch, Artia M. 1903-1961 Brewster, Lloyd J. 4/4/1921-9/28/1983 Brewster, Audra Price 2/7/1919-10/14/1992 Camp, F. T. 8/22/1884-10/4/1905 (son of G. F. & P. E. Camp) Camp, John Taviner 1/5/1891-5/14/1891 (son of G. F. & P.E Camp) Camp, G. F. 10/4/1852 (no death date given) Camp, Pruntelizabeth 5/22/1852-11/15/1938 (dau of L.C.C. & Jincy Adkins) Camp, Willie C. 9/30/1870-4/11/1962 (son of G. F. & P. E Camp) Camp, Mattie L. 9/8/1870-11/13/1942 (dau of G. W. & M. L. Adkins) Cantrell, Robert Melvin 7/10/1902-3/25/1975 Cantrell, Zeliah Iberia (Mrs. R. M.) 12/17/1908 (1911)-10/3/1974 Davidson, Gladney Gene 3/27/1941-3/7/1981 Camp, Jim W. 2/23/1878-1/17/1956 (son of G. F. & P. E. Camp) Camp, Etta H. 9/18/1880-11/1/1961 (wife of J.W. Camp) DeLukie, Stella Mae 12/19/1899-6/28/1931 (dau of W. C. & L. S. Miller) Foster, Corbin SGT US ARMY, WWII, 11/25/1916-12/6/1982 Flow, Cindy Chandler, 2/1/1962-9/24/1994 Gentry Frank 2/10/1878-3/9/1922 (son of Russ Gentry) Gentry, Mary Alice 3/15/1881-8/19/1963 {McKenzie} (wife of Frank Gentry) Gentry, Mattie R. 1/22/1878-9/14/1964 Gentry, Russ died 3/19/1913, aged 72 years (bro. of Harriet Gentry Adkins) Gentry, Samantha 9/5/1843-1/14/1909 (wife of Russ Gentry) Goodwin, Thurman Maxwell 1/21/1915-4/7/1996 Goodwin, O'Neal McKenzie 6/19/1917-1/25/1996 Gibson, Curtis Joshua 2/18/1899-7/8/1961 Gibson, Hattie Mae Hardaway 7/16/1902-7/4/1957 (dau of Jeff & F. Hardaway) Gray, Infant girl 1963 Gray, baby no dates Gray, baby no dates Gray, James, H. 9/7/1888-2/25/1932 Gray, Mary M. 9/3/1893-11/18/1977 Gray, Nelwyn A. 5/7/1930-1/20/1986 Gray, Murray K. 12/13/1930- Hardaway, Baby Girl 6/30/1977-6/30/1977 (dau of Tony & Cindy Chandler Hardaway) Hardaway, Hal Crit 4/11/1899-12/15/1978 (son of Jeff & F. Hardaway) Hardaway, Jewell Maloch 5/7/1898-9/7/1991 (wife of H. C. Hardaway) Hardaway, Hal Theo, 1/16/1926-11/24/1984 Hardaway, Jeff 3/12/1860-5/13/1932 Hardaway, Fannie 12/26/1866-3/3/1934 (dau of L.C.C. & Harriet Adkins) Hardaway, Lye Curges born and died 11/18/1889 son of J. F. & F. E. Hardaway) Hart, George Rufus 1/17/1882-10/6/1959 Heard, Earl Erby 8/30/1903-4/12/1922 Heard, Lela B. 7/29/1883-11/11/1973 Heard Robert F. 9/9/1978-2/19/1951 Heard, Robert Samuel 5/7/1939-10/29/1994 Heinze, Dr. Roland V 6/6/1915- Heinze, Docia Lee 8/17/1917-4/6/1997 Hixon, Olive Irene 12/2/1914-11/5/1987 Ingram, Robert T. 1864-1941 Kemp, Loyd M. 11/1/1901-8/8/1963 Kemp, Elma W. 10/23/1903-3/16/1979 ( dau of C. S. & M. M. Walker) Kendrick, Earl Craton 1/12/1926-6/30/1934 Knighten, Elton M. 3/17/1876-6/25/1960 Knighten, Ruth L. 11/7/1877-12/17/1963 Langford, Clara 1/20/1896-2/16/1953 Lewis, Annie 6/18/1886-12/14/1906 Lewis, Annie Laura Stevens 1908-1936 Lewis, E. M. Died 2/18/1897, aged 68 yrs. (son of William & Mary Lewis) Lewis, Hautence 1/6/1882-8/16/1904 (Wife of M.M. Lewis) Lewis, Loretta M. (Camp) 4/17/1848-10/20/1927 Lewis, Lorena 1882-1883 Lewis, M. M. 11/16/1872-10/14/1936 Lewis, McClendon 1885-1954 Lewis, Maude A. 1890-1966 Lewis, Malone 11/16/1872-10/14/1936 Lewis, Sam M. 1875-1949 Lewis, Willie 1888-1959 Lewis, Olivia 1894-1980 Lewis, William 1809-11/--/1865 Lewis, Mary Adkins 1809-5/10/1891 McKenzie, Barger, C 10/10/1915-5/13/1985 McKenzie, Gladys M. 4/9/1918-3/29/1984 McKenzie, Delorise Ann 10/10/1923-9/13/1994 McKenzie, Derrel, CPL US ARMY, WWII, 11/23/1913-8/24/1982 McKenzie, John Wesley 3/10/1959-3/26/1926 McKenzie, Olive Camp 6/18/1872-10/11/1965 (dau of G. F. & F. Camp) McKenzie, Joseph Cliff 3/21/1889-10/4/1963 McKenzie, Janis Thompson 4/27/1952-4/16/1997 McKenzie, Lois Bates 12/29/1922-no dod McKenzie, Nora Lula 2/14/1894-6/15/1969 (dau of C. S. & M. M. Walker) McKenzie, Velma C. 9/9/1895-10/30/1898 McKenzie, Wm. C. 10/22/1919-3/2/1982 McKenzie, Wanda Raye 12/17/1941-7/12/1951 McKenzie, William Earl 5/8/1890 -6/12/1953 McKenzie, Wilmer Clifton 10/22/1919-3/2/1982, SSGT US ARMY WWII McKenzie, Precious Mae 3/31/1888-11/24/1977 (wife of William Earl McKenzie) Maddox, W. Ray 4/15/1914-10/12/1914 (son of E. M. Jr. & M. R Maddox) Malone, George W. 1891-1946 Malone, Helen 1933-1936 Malone, Lula 1895-1994 Merritt, Miles M. 4/8/1809-11/23/1865, Married 9/12/1833 Merritt, Elizabeth Adkins 12/4/1812-6/5/1880, married 9/12/1833 Miller, Eddie 3/14/1901-10/5/1905 ( son of W. C. & S. L. Miller) Miller, Lula Sarah Adkins 12/2/1876-7/22/1962 (Wife of Chester Miller) Miller, W. C. 7/12/1877-9/18/1902 Mills, James Aubrey 12/9/1914-12/25/1919 (son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Mills) Osburn, Edgar R. 1911-1973, U. S. Airforce, TSGT. WWII, Korea Osburn, Lena P 2/12/1915-2/4/1966 (dau of W. H. & Ida Z. Hardaway) Peterson, Addie Walker 5/11/1900-8/1/1974 (dau of C. S. & M. M. Walker) Peterson, Charles Aaron 8/17/1926-8/16/1995 Peterson, Patsy Coile 2/26/1931- Pool, James Harold 12/3/1917-9/25/1970 Texas SSGT,331 Base Unite AAF Price, Doy Franklin 11/4/1921-2/28/1989 Price, Vera Ballard 1/4/1921- Price, Ida Z. Hardaway 2/18/1895-2/19/1969 (Dau of J. & Fannie Hardaway) Price, William Hugh 8/2/1894-12/27/1939 Price, William Hugh, Jr. 4/20/1925-10/2/1978 Thompson, Roland W. 7/16/1925-9/16/1993 (Maj US Army WWII) Tinsley, Infant 12/20/1888-8/20/1890 (son of T. M. & M.O. Tinsley) Tinsley, Clarence Albertis 11/20/1881-6/15/1882 (son of T. M. & M. O. Tinsley) Tinsley, Horace Greley 6/22/1903-10/18/1904 (son of T. M. & M. O. Tinsley) Tinsley, Lawrence 11/25/1889-8/8/1891 (son of T. M. & M.O. Tinsley) Tinsley, Virginia 2/27/1938-2/28/1938 Tinsley, Tressie Mae 1905-1981 Tate, Woodrow W. 6/4/1918-2/6/1976 Walker, Infant born & died 10/4/1887 (dau of C.S. & M.M. Walker) Walker, A.D. 2/19/1883-3/27/1934 Walker, Bell Adkins 1/1/1870-11/29/1939 (dau of L.C.C. & Harriet Adkins) Walker, Charlie S. 7/26/1859-8/10/1935 Walker, Sherrill A. 8/27/1912-12/17/1927 (son of A.D. & Elma Walker) Walker, W. P. (Jack) 5/19/1898-9/30/1938 (son of Belle & C.S. Walker) Williams, Lenon 12/12/1880-12/16/1956 William, Gertrude L. 12/18/1880-3/21/1965 Wright, Wessa Born ?-died 9/23/1882 (son of Alart and Mattie Wright) Zimmerman, Neoma Adkins, 4/9/1908- Zimmerman, T.F. Ted 8/9/1912-9/5/1989 
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