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West Virginia



Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnette, Mabel June   I2193963948
2 Boggess, Carr   I2193963884
3 Buckland, Dwight Moody  26 Jul 1897West Virginia I2193962904
4 Caruthers, Mary  Abt 1790West Virginia I2193965376
5 Casto, Clara Vesta  6 Nov 1901West Virginia I2193963700
6 Crago, Dolores Jean  19 Sep 1938West Virginia I2193961768
7 Craig, Austin A.  1937West Virginia I2193961578
8 Fetty, Elmer  Abt 1866West Virginia I2193963415
9 Fetty, Sarah Catherine  Abt 1830West Virginia I2193963344
10 Fields, James Omer  Abt 1908West Virginia I2193963719
11 Fitzwater, Elisha Hugh  25 May 1890West Virginia I2194684312
12 Hare, James  Abt 1843West Virginia I2193963418
13 Hayes, William  Abt 1825West Virginia I2193962798
14 Hayhurst, Effie Alcinda  May 1897West Virginia  I2193963573
15 Hedrick, Jesse Elmer  16 Sep 1886West Virginia I2193961962
16 Hess, Theresa Alma  1915West Virginia I2193967125
17 Higginbotham, Arnold R.  23 Apr 1909West Virginia I2193962650
18 Higginbotham, Benjamin Orville  6 Sep 1898West Virginia I2193961038
19 Higginbotham, Dail Stanton  7 Jun 1894West Virginia I2193962010
20 Higginbotham, Nancy Jean  2 Feb 1946West Virginia I2193965762
21 Higginbotham, Pearle S.  Mar 1900West Virginia I2193961056
22 Huffman, Melissa  West Virginia I2193965625
23 Jackson, Carl A.  Abt 1874West Virginia I2193967162
24 Johnson, Virginia   I2193967343
25 Kener, Sarah Ann  Abt 1856West Virginia I2193963433
26 Looney, M. D.  ABT. 1880West Virginia I190679
27 Massey, Frances   I2193967123
28 McGrew, Blanche  21 Mar 1899West Virginia I2193961136
29 McGrew, Mary  Abt 1825West Virginia I2193962799
30 Metheney, Rosie Bell  25 Jun 1900West Virginia I2194684313
31 Mossor, Grover Cleveland  27 Oct 1892West Virginia I2193963653
32 Pasco, Mary L.  Nov 1869West Virginia I2193963363
33 Patrick, Eva Eliza  8 Oct 1888West Virginia I2193968120
34 Phillips, Grace Ann  19 Feb 1892West Virginia I2193961215
35 Reed, Mary  1765West Virginia I2193956870
36 Reed, Mary  1765West Virginia I2193965377
37 Ridgeway, Luther  West Virginia I2193963513
38 Roberts, Lawrence  11 Mar 1900West Virginia I2193963747
39 Sargent, Nancy Louise  Abt 1930West Virginia I2193963894
40 Sayre, Geraldne  5 Feb 1921West Virginia I2193963211
41 Smith, Judy Ann  Abt 1939West Virginia I2193963856
42 Stephens, Eunice Lorain   I2193965565
43 Taylor, Leota Jane  13 Mar 1885West Virginia I2193968103
44 Thaxton, Goldie  11 Jan 1900West Virginia I2193961221
45 Unknown, Unknown   I2193962715


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, James David  23 Dec 1930West Virginia I2193966817
2 Fetty, Phoebe B.  Aft 1880West Virginia I2193963234
3 Hayhurst, Everett Dale  21 Dec 1971West Virginia I2193963837
4 Sargent, Nancy Louise  Mar 2003West Virginia I2193963894
5 Wood, Janice  1941West Virginia I26827087


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hayhurst / Arnette   F2616354005
2 Hayhurst / Parks  20 Dec 1920West Virginia F2616353923
3 Hayhurst / Rohm   F2616354004