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Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hamilton, Cecil  7 Nov 1896Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I00081
2 Hamilton, Ethel  6 Jan 1900Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I00083
3 Hamilton, Hazel Catherine  3 May 1908Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I00095
4 Hamilton, Ratha Pearl   I00090
5 Hamilton, Willie Horton  3 May 1898Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I00082
6 Inman, Helen Thelma  5 Aug 1916Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18713
7 Inman, Jessie Walker  25 Oct 1892Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18688
8 Inman, Larry Leon  11 Jul 1946Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18724
9 Inman, Violet Cecila  5 Mar 1915Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18712
10 Lee, Albert Lonzo  27 Feb 1911Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I13946
11 Lee, Anna Juleddia  2 Jan 1877Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I08450
12 Lee, Arthur Henry  31 May 1881Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I13931
13 Lee, Bennet Franklin  6 Jan 1875Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I13926
14 Lee, Dollie Mae  27 Dec 1913Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18290
15 Lee, Lodema  20 Jan 1897Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I13944
16 Lee, Lon Huffman  23 Dec 1917Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I13933
17 Lee, Mattie Rebecca  26 May 1905Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I21017
18 Lee, Myrtle Idell  15 Jun 1903Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I07635
19 Rose, Gracie Olean  4 Jul 1906Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I02272
20 Rose, Leola Lucille  6 Jul 1904Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I08143
21 Spicer, Julia Blanche  14 Feb 1897Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I04308
22 Trusty, Carol Ann  4 May 1941Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I30556
23 Trusty, Charles Gene  30 Dec 1931Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I34451
24 Trusty, Jerry Lynn  Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I34449
25 Trusty, John Thomas  11 Nov 1944Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I02902
26 Trusty, Mark Howe  12 Jan 1923Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I34450


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Inman, Larry Leon  13 Jul 1946Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18724
2 Inman, Violet Cecila  20 May 1916Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I18712
3 Lee, Albert Pike  3 Nov 1932Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I08451
4 Moore, Michael Landis  5 Oct 1985Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I03918
5 Trusty, Carol Ann  9 Feb 1990Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I30556
6 Whitecotton, Fletcher Floyd  4 Jan 1973Subiaco, Logan County, Arkansas I08079