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Stockton,San Joaquin County,California



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fisk, Caroline E.  4 Dec 1882Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954304
2 Gill, Abbie Lou  10 Apr 1886Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954155
3 Gill, Bettie Douglas  13 Oct 1878Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954151
4 Gill, Elwood Fisk  19 May 1908Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954306
5 Gill, George Douglass  19 Mar 1883Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954153
6 Gill, Mary Alma  28 Sep 1876Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954150
7 Gill, Norval Douglass  11 Jul 1881Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954152
8 Gill, Thomas Alexander Jr.  21 Apr 1873Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954149
9 Gill, Thyra Ane  10 Nov 1905Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954305
10 Gill, William Kleber  19 Mar 1883Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954154
11 Green, Dalynne Diana  7 Aug 1957Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954883
12 Morrill, Eulilla  29 Apr 1889Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954297
13 Morrill, Harriet Anna  6 Jul 1904Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954300
14 Paddock, Khleiber Elsom  13 Aug 1908Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954315


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beauchemin, Douglass Ulmont  9 Oct 1987Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954718
2 Berryman, Laura Lee  15 Jul 1964Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954906
3 Douglass, Anna Elizabeth  26 Nov 1928Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954127
4 Fisk, Caroline E.  3 Dec 1975Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954304
5 Fisk, Henry C.  6 Aug 1898Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954865
6 Fisk, John Christian  1910Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954828
7 Ford, Barbaba Ann  10 Aug 1983Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954834
8 Gill, Elwood Fisk  14 Sep 1987Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954306
9 Gill, Norval Douglass  19 Nov 1946Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954152
10 Gill, Thyra Ane  1 Apr 1997Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954305
11 Green, Dalynne Diana  17 Oct 1957Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954883
12 Green, David Leon  1 Sep 1984Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954881
13 Hansel, Michael  1874Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954878
14 House, Pauline Staten  22 Jun 1989Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954729
15 Morris, Alvhor Bright  19 Nov 1958Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954885
16 Morris, Corinne  30 Sep 1959Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954832
17 Ortman, Anna Marie  10 Jan 1938Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954829
18 Ortman, Henry Ernest  18 Apr 1873Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954867
19 Paddock, Khleiber Elsom  6 Nov 1977Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954315
20 Tietjen, Caroline A.  26 Jul 1899Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954866
21 Unknown, Mary Ann  Aft 1880Stockton,San Joaquin County,California I2193954879