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Sparta,White County,Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Golden, Thomas William  1879Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946366
2 Graham, Tennessee  1856Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946320
3 Hill, Elizabeth  Dec 1823Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946305
4 Miller, Eliza  Feb 1859Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946328
5 Sims, Amaranda Jane  14 Oct 1812Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946050
6 Sims, Clarissa Jane  4 Mar 1826Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946056
7 Sims, Eli Parker  28 Dec 1819Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946054
8 Sims, Harriet  24 Aug 1816Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946052
9 Sims, Helen L.  22 Jun 1830Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946058
10 Sims, James  12 Dec 1814Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946051
11 Sims, Oliver Hazzard Perry  4 Mar 1822Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946055
12 Townsend, Adam Jonn  8 Oct 1823Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946038
13 Townsend, Alice Elizabeth  Apr 1894Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946344
14 Townsend, Andrew J.  22 Dec 1877Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946318
15 Townsend, Andrew Jackson  4 Jul 1819Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946035
16 Townsend, Andrew Jackson Jr.  Abt 1847Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946308
17 Townsend, Augustine I.  22 Jul 1822Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946024
18 Townsend, Bessie L.  Oct 1884Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946330
19 Townsend, Blanchey  21 Apr 1813Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946060
20 Townsend, Clyde Bell  Jun 1888Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946341
21 Townsend, David Crockett  Feb 1857Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946311
22 Townsend, Dust Grover  Aug 1890Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946342
23 Townsend, Hanna Caroline  22 Jul 1836Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946029
24 Townsend, James W.  27 Mar 1825Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946025
25 Townsend, John Hunter  9 Sep 1827Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946026
26 Townsend, John J.  Abt 1842Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946306
27 Townsend, Lillie Jane  14 Jun 1894Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946345
28 Townsend, Malissa  Abt 1816Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946061
29 Townsend, Margaret L.  12 Mar 1834Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946028
30 Townsend, Martha Jane  14 Jun 1831Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946027
31 Townsend, Mary Jane  Aug 1843Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946307
32 Townsend, Mertie May  Oct 1882Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946338
33 Townsend, Minnie Vay  3 Jun 1884Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946339
34 Townsend, Nora Ella  May 1881Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946337
35 Townsend, Robert L.  Nov 1886Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946331
36 Townsend, Rowena West  1915Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946375
37 Townsend, Sallie Bell  30 Mar 1878Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946325
38 Townsend, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1859Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946312
39 Townsend, Slaven O'Dell  Jan 1886Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946340
40 Townsend, Thomas  Abt 1852Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946309
41 Townsend, William E.  7 Oct 1882Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946329
42 Townsend, William Madison  Aug 1854Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946310
43 Wilhite, Joseph  Abt 1882Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946371


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Miller, Eliza  Aug 1914Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946328
2 Sims, Amaranda Jane  7 Aug 1874Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946050
3 Sims, Eli  14 Sep 1862Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946046
4 Sims, Harriet  Nov 1816Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946052
5 Sims, James  Apr 1815Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946051
6 Sizemore, Abba  Abt 1850Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946059
7 Townsend, Alice Elizabeth  1921Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946344
8 Townsend, Andrew Jackson  5 Nov 1891Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946035
9 Townsend, Blanchey  1890Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946060
10 Townsend, Clyde Bell  1921Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946341
11 Townsend, David Crockett  Jul 1928Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946311
12 Townsend, James W.  Bef 1830Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946025
13 Townsend, John  Abt 1827Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193943977
14 Townsend, Lillie Jane  2 Dec 1981Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946345
15 Townsend, Mertie May  6 Sep 1957Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946338
16 Townsend, Minnie Vay  Mar 1972Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946339
17 Townsend, Rachel  6 Mar 1870Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193943976
18 Townsend, Robert  Aft 1840Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193943978
19 Townsend, Robert L.  4 Dec 1923Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946331
20 Townsend, Slaven O'Dell  1941Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946340
21 Townsend, William E.  23 Jul 1934Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946329
22 Townsend, William Madison  Feb 1922Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946310
23 West, Rowena  May 1926Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946336
24 Wheeler, Lena  1971Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946373
25 Wilson, Robert  1895Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946078


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 Graham, Tennessee  Sparta,White County,Tennessee I2193946320


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Hunter  Abt 1818Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348283
2 Clark / Townsend  22 Oct 1912Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348272
3 Golden / Townsend  16 Aug 1894Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348270
4 Townsend / Arnold  29 Jul 1906Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348271
5 Townsend / Bandy  11 Jan 1866Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348261
6 Townsend / Blaylock  Abt 1890Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348276
7 Townsend / Graham  3 Apr 1871Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348262
8 Townsend / Hill  31 Jan 1839Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348260
9 Townsend / Hunter  Abt 1818Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348176
10 Townsend / Miller  4 Dec 1879Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348264
11 Townsend / Mosely  4 Nov 1916Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348265
12 Townsend / Shephard  19 Nov 1875Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348263
13 Townsend / Unknown  Abt 1818Sparta,White County,Tennessee F2616348175