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Paris, Logan County, Arkansas



Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Amanda Carolyn  1 Oct 1876Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15669
2 Biggs, Dee Etta  25 Jan 1884Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15672
3 Biggs, Jo Ella  29 Jul 1881Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15671
4 Biggs, John Walter  25 Jul 1879Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15670
5 Biggs, Mary E.  8 Oct 1874Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15668
6 Bramlett, Emily Adeline  1 Jun 1894Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I2194584367
7 Bridges, Marion Franklin  15 Nov 1918Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I61265
8 Corley, Bessie Emaline  30 Aug 1892Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26822272
9 Corley, Lena Leo  10 Jun 1896Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823301
10 Corley, Mary Emaline  16 Sep 1875Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823296
11 Corley, Mary Emmaline  16 Sep 1875Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I12038
12 Corley, Missouri Elizabeth  25 Sep 1871Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I14340
13 Corley, Myrtle Leon  30 Oct 1905Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I25140
14 Corley, Ruby  ABT. 1902Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823305
15 Corley, Virginia  ABT. 1898Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823303
16 Dodson, David Clark  26 Feb 1897Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I16543
17 Dodson, John Wilson  28 Oct 1894Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I18526
18 Dodson, Mattie Emma  5 Mar 1902Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I08923
19 Dodson, Ocie Donna  6 Oct 1899Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I18330
20 Dorrough, James Norman  16 Feb 1938Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I25250
21 Frost, Bertha  ABT. 1893Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823802
22 Frost, Edward Jackson  18 Jun 1891Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823801
23 Frost, Meddy Cora  4 Feb 1883Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823523
24 Frost, Roy Ernest  17 Mar 1904Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823806
25 Frost, Stella Margaret  21 Aug 1897Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823803
26 Inman, Robert Leon  12 Dec 1918Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I18690
27 Johnson, Lola Adeline  2 Jan 1900Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I16555
28 Johnson, Omer Clark  22 Aug 1897Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I16553
29 Kincannon, George Lester  29 Jul 1900Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I32118
30 Lee, Emma Adaline  12 Jun 1883Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I39472
31 Lee, John Daniel  27 Apr 1873Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11803
32 Lee, Ruby Sevilla  1 Nov 1892Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I18689
33 Ritchie, Evaline  10 Nov 1881Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I34419
34 Sadler, James Overton  12 Nov 1899Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I00923
35 Sanders, Dan Henry   I34388
36 Sanders, Don Richard   I34383
37 Sanders, Golda Marie   I12672
38 Sanders, Guilia Maude  20 Jan 1903Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I14174
39 Sanders, Minnie Pearl   I34391
40 Sanders, Ruth May   I34386
41 Sanders, Wanda Wayne  3 Jul 1902Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11966
42 Shirley, Damarius Abigail   I15719
43 Shirley, Herman Bernace   I15717
44 Sikes, Betty Lou  8 Aug 1926Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I28703
45 Tinsley, James Garland  15 Jan 1909Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I00240
46 Walker, Thomas Lester  28 Nov 1892Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823785
47 Webster, Hall  22 Aug 1904Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I03135
48 White, Robert Paul  12 May 1912Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I41296


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Biggs, Alfred Kingdom  20 Mar 1937Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15648
2 Biggs, Amanda Carolyn  27 Aug 1967Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15669
3 Biggs, John Walter  26 Jun 1934Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I15670
4 Bramlett, James Monroe  9 May 1931Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I2194556817
5 Corley, James Pinkerton  2 Nov 1937Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823288
6 Corley, Myrtle Leon  21 Jun 1991Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I25140
7 Dearmore, Edward J.  4 Feb 1929Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11574
8 Dodson, Mattie Emma  27 Feb 1997Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I08923
9 Dodson, Thomas Leslie  8 May 1912Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I18332
10 Dodson, Wafer Jay  19 Jul 1956Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I14139
11 Dooley, Cecil B.  14 Jun 1977Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I28099
12 Dorrough, Henry Edgar  14 Oct 1939Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I35242
13 Freeman, Laura Martha Jane  24 Jul 1974Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I25249
14 Freeman, Mabel  1918Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I22464
15 Freeman, Mary  1967Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I46381
16 Frost, Pearl Ruth  1 Jul 1993Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823827
17 Frost, William Henry  12 Oct 1915Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823514
18 Haggard, Patience Lavina  22 Aug 1907Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I16534
19 Howard, Ora Dale  2 Mar 2007Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I34806
20 Huffman, Pearl Idell  2 Jun 1934Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I13932
21 Johnson, Emma Adaline  29 Jan 1947Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I14140
22 Johnson, William David  9 May 1926Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I18328
23 Lee, Anna Juleddia  5 Dec 1959Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I08450
24 Lee, Eva  9 Sep 1980Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I33480
25 Lee, Henry Newton  22 May 1940Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11782
26 Lee, J. C.  10 Mar 2004Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I19009
27 Lee, Lon Huffman  8 Aug 1994Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I13933
28 Moore, Austin Lamar  21 May 2004Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I03910
29 Moore, Roy Edward  16 Dec 2006Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I02285
30 Nichols, Elijah E.  Sep 1982Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I33249
31 Nichols, Rufus Jack  22 Sep 2009Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I39769
32 Reames, Earnest O.  23 Aug 1989Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I41421
33 Reames, Virgie Caroline  31 Jan 1976Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I03138
34 Rice, Ronnie L.  7 Feb 1971Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11792
35 Rose, William McKinley Allen  23 Apr 1977Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I08411
36 Sanders, Guilia Maude  29 Aug 1987Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I14174
37 Sanders, Meade  22 Aug 1896Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I22474
38 Sanders, Wanda Wayne  23 Sep 1972Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11966
39 Trusty, Earl Gene  20 Nov 2002Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I30475
40 Trusty, Maravel Merritt  Jul 1978Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I39426
41 Trusty, Mark Hanna  25 Dec 1980Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I02330
42 Trusty, Mark Howe  15 Aug 1977Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I34450
43 Trusty, Thomas Leroy  15 Apr 2003Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I11941
44 Walker, Bessie  ABT. 1931Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823787
45 Walker, Sylvester Clarence  ABT. May 1969Paris, Logan County, Arkansas I26823789


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Berry / Lee  10 Nov 1904Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F04924
2 Biggs / Bell  1 Nov 1900Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F05997
3 Bramlett / Freeman  24 Jan 1889Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F2616950140
4 Dearmore /   Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F12762
5 Dodson / Johnson  14 Jan 1894Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F05391
6 Dorrough / Freeman  20 Oct 1897Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F09474
7 Freeman / Dodson  2 Dec 1917Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F06971
8 Frost / Nichols  18 Aug 1897Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F12972249
9 Gray / Freeman  30 Dec 1923Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F08437
10 Jobe / Frost  2 Aug 1900Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F12972251
11 Johnson / Mosley  27 Feb 1892Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F06972
12 Lee / Baker  16 Mar 1893Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F05286
13 Lee / Corley  3 Feb 1895Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F05285
14 Lee / Redden  13 Feb 1898Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F14608
15 Lee / Robinson  26 Dec 1909Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F14609
16 Lee / Smith  6 Oct 1892Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F05482
17 Oglesby / Frost  29 Jul 1885Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F12972244
18 Plunkett / Walton  11 Nov 1912Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F00222
19 Tinsley / Hamilton  7 Dec 1941Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F00089
20 Walker /   19 May 1917Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F12972316
21 White /   18 Sep 1898Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F07398
22 White / Dodson  27 Nov 1921Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F05390
23 White / Inman  16 Dec 1933Paris, Logan County, Arkansas F15352