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Newberry Co., SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEDENBAUGH, Daniel  7 Oct 1814Newberry Co., SC I13748
2 BEDENBAUGH, Daniel Viana Elizabeth  1 Apr 1846Newberry Co., SC I13608
3 BEDENBAUGH, Jacob Kibler  21 Feb 1853Newberry Co., SC I17820
4 BEDENBAUGH, M. Amelia S.  24 Nov 1848Newberry Co., SC I17818
5 BEDENBAUGH, Simeon  8 Mar 1819Newberry Co., SC I13798
6 BEDENBAUGH, Warren P.  23 Apr 1850Newberry Co., SC I17819
7 Counts, Jacob Calvin  21 Aug 1847Newberry Co., SC I1606830943
8 KINARD, Anna Caroline  10 Jun 1822Newberry Co., SC I03641
9 KINARD, Lemuel David  5 Dec 1830Newberry Co., SC I03646
10 KINARD, Martha Mariah  9 Oct 1815Newberry Co., SC I03627
11 KINARD, Mary Ann  5 Jan 1825Newberry Co., SC I03644
12 KINARD, Rebecca Barsheba  28 Apr 1828Newberry Co., SC I03645
13 METTS, Adam Jr.  31 Oct 1808Newberry Co., SC I03716
14 METTS, David Peter  1840Newberry Co., SC I13736
15 METTS, Henry Cornelious  25 Feb 1848Newberry Co., SC I13738
16 NATES, Henry Andrew  28 Jun 1839Newberry Co., SC I03649
17 NATES, Millie Frances  5 Jan 1842Newberry Co., SC I03650
18 PERKINS, Levi  2 Aug 1830Newberry Co., SC I00948
19 RIKARD, Sarah Jane  10 Dec 1839Newberry Co., SC I18960
20 SMITH, Charity Elizabeth Louisa  4 May 1833Newberry Co., SC I00949
21 SMITH, Henry Lemuel  26 Feb 1835Newberry Co., SC I03652
22 SMITH, Margaret Ann Eliza  11 May 1843Newberry Co., SC I03656
23 SMITH, Spiva (Spivey)  27 Jun 1811Newberry Co., SC I02413
24 STOCKMAN, Henry  Abt 1751Newberry Co., SC I03630
25 STOCKMAN, John Peter  7 Mar 1788Newberry Co., SC I16028
26 STOCKMAN, Margaret  Between 1808 and 1812Newberry Co., SC I16034


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEDENBAUGH, Daniel  18 Aug 1845Newberry Co., SC I13748
2 BEDENBAUGH, Jacob Kibler  26 Feb 1933Newberry Co., SC I17820
3 BEDENBAUGH, M. Amelia S.  27 Jun 1933Newberry Co., SC I17818
4 BEDENBAUGH, Simeon  7 Apr 1893Newberry Co., SC I13798
5 BEDENBAUGH, Warren P.  19 Sep 1919Newberry Co., SC I17819
6 Counts, Jacob Calvin  5 Aug 1926Newberry Co., SC I1606830943
7 Kinard, Henry  1831Newberry Co., SC I1606909352
8 KINARD, Mary Ann  22 Jan 1829Newberry Co., SC I03644
9 KINARD, Rebecca Barsheba  15 Jul 1854Newberry Co., SC I03645
10 NATES, Henry Andrew  15 Oct 1844Newberry Co., SC I03649
11 RIKARD, Sarah Jane  25 Jun 1914Newberry Co., SC I18960
12 STOCKMAN, Henry  1828Newberry Co., SC I03630


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEDENBAUGH / KINARD  Abt 1842Newberry Co., SC F4289
2 BEDENBAUGH / KINARD  Abt 1847Newberry Co., SC F4309
3 FULMER / KINARD  1849Newberry Co., SC F4290
4 SMITH / KINARD  10 Jul 1832Newberry Co., SC F0711