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Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Haddock, Aid Turner  15 Apr 1894Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958245
2 Haddock, Amanda Jane  19 Jan 1833Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957871
3 Haddock, Anna Louise  15 Nov 1925Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958256
4 Haddock, Carl Vernon  20 Aug 1935Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958257
5 Haddock, Eliza Jane  28 Apr 1841Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960399
6 Haddock, Elizabeth Winnifred  7 Feb 1822Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957866
7 Haddock, Emily S.  22 Sep 1852Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960404
8 Haddock, Eunice Lee  2 Mar 1924Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958255
9 Haddock, Frances  2 Apr 1848Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960402
10 Haddock, Gilbert Royal  29 Sep 1865Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960408
11 Haddock, Herbert Fuqua  19 Feb 1914Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193964290
12 Haddock, Hubert Leon  19 Jul 1922Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958254
13 Haddock, Isabella A.  20 Feb 1855Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960405
14 Haddock, James Horace  29 Mar 1835Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957872
15 Haddock, John Tompkins  2 Nov 1857Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958258
16 Haddock, Joseph William  31 Mar 1860Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960406
17 Haddock, Margaret S.  13 May 1846Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960401
18 Haddock, Martha Julia  10 Nov 1862Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960407
19 Haddock, Martha Marie  24 Mar 1837Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957874
20 Haddock, Mary Elizabeth  15 Mar 1844Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960400
21 Haddock, Mary Veda  31 Dec 1896Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958265
22 Haddock, Thomas  27 Nov 1818Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957864
23 Haddock, Thomas H.  23 Jun 1850Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960403
24 Higginbotham, Alexander Jackson  11 Oct 1830Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957877
25 Higginbotham, Bertha Arvilla  7 Jan 1887Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193959213
26 Higginbotham, Beulah Clemant  6 Nov 1885Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193959212
27 Higginbotham, Christopher Anthony  16 Feb 1868Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957988
28 Higginbotham, Edward Eugene  4 May 1884Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193959211
29 Higginbotham, Harry B.  Aug 1882Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957994
30 Higginbotham, Waller  23 Jan 1869Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193957989


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Haddock, Anna Louise  1929Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958256
2 Haddock, Carl Vernon  29 Jul 1965Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193958257
3 Haddock, Eliza Jane  Abt 1930Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida I2193960399


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Braddock / Haddock  22 Oct 1840Kings Ferry,Nassau County,Florida F2616352765