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Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Harvey Berman  4 Mar 1867Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113391
2 Bishop, Joseph Cullen  4 Feb 1833Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112568
3 Bishop, Meldonia J "Mellie"  13 Nov 1868Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112589
4 Bishop, Nancy D.  2/29/1863Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113389
5 Boyd, George Leonard  13 Feb 1896Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607116354
6 Duncan, Benjamin Floyd  1861Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114036
7 Duncan, John Henry Jr.  May 1836Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113706
8 Duncan, Margaret "Peggy"  1810Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113771
9 Eaves, Junior  Abt 1910Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113395
10 Phillips, Henrietta  5 Jun 1869Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114613
11 Phillips, Margaret "Ellon"  12 Jul 1866Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113425
12 Phillips, Marion Francis  12 Jun 1857Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113424
13 Phillips, Roy Malon  14 Mar 1899Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113423
14 Quesenberry, James A.  1871Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114623
15 Quesenberry, Orah E.  30 Dec 1897Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114614
16 Quesenberry, Ry  24 May 1872Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114624
17 Quesenberry, Silas E.  20 Feb 1900Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114615
18 Quesenberry, Tobias B.  25 Mar 1869Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114612
19 Simpkins, Loutitia A.  Jun 1851Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112569
20 Spence, Callie  Abt 1910Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113394
21 Sumpter, Ruth  1842Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113174
22 Turpin, Benjamin Frank  1893Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112580
23 Turpin, Charles Clifford  5 Nov 1889Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112579
24 Turpin, Charles Layfayette  5 Feb 1860Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112588
25 Turpin, Clara Helen "Claria"  18 Apr 1901Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113422
26 Turpin, Dewey  Abt 1901Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112581
27 Turpin, Dorathy A.  1902Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112583
28 Turpin, Elbert Clinton  7 Jun 1900Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112587
29 Turpin, Eli Fuegate  Dec 1894Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114232
30 Turpin, Frank  Abt 1899Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114704
31 Turpin, Fuegate  Abt 1903Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112582
32 Turpin, Goldie  15 Oct 1935Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114557
33 Turpin, James Dewey  Jan 1898Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114231
34 Turpin, Joseph S.  12 Mar 1905Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112584
35 Turpin, Kevin James  22 Sep 1961Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607115756
36 Turpin, Minty  Abt 1907Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112585
37 Turpin, Ocia L.  1899Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113347
38 Turpin, Ruth  1907Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113346
39 Turpin, Ruth Jane  12 Dec 1885Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112578
40 Turpin, Walter Cullen (Bud)  1888Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112567
41 Wade, Eli D.  Abt 1863Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bishop, Joseph Cullen  18 Feb 1920Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112568
2 Bishop, Meldonia J "Mellie"  19 Feb 1946Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112589
3 Boyd, George Leonard  9 Jan 1957Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607116354
4 Graham, Alma  1928Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1606988210
5 Marshall, John Floyd  28 Dec 1984Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112640
6 Phillips, Henrietta  10 Oct 1956Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114613
7 Phillips, Margaret "Ellon"  12 Jan 1945Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113425
8 Phillips, Marion Francis  16 Apr 1919Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113424
9 Phillips, Tobias L.  Sep 1832Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607113432
10 Quesenberry, Nancy  25 Apr 1854Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112784
11 Quesenberry, Orah E.  14 Jul 1943Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114614
12 Quesenberry, Silas E.  13 Aug 1980Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114615
13 Quesenberry, Tobias B.  5 Aug 1930Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114612
14 Simpkins, Loutitia A.  6 Jan 1929Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112569
15 Turpin, Charles Layfayette  25 Jul 1933Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112588
16 Turpin, Goldie  17 Mar 2002Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607114557
17 Turpin, Joseph S.  26 Mar 1943Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112584
18 Turpin, Ruth Jane  23 Jul 1962Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia I1607112578


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bishop / Simpkins  13 May 1868Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082432280
2 Phillips / Turpin  10 Jul 1919Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082432576
3 Simpkins / Turpin  14 Dec 1891Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082432620
4 Turpin /   12 Apr 1879Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082432588
5 Turpin /   1906Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082415965
6 Turpin / Bishop  18 Jul 1885Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082432276
7 Turpin / Graham  Abt 1920Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082384145
8 Turpin / Sutphin  Abt 1929Floyd, Floyd County, Virginia F2082415964