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Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Braddock, Clara  1 Jan 1881Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958159
2 Braddock, Grover  26 Mar 1883Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958151
3 Braddock, Jessie F.  26 Feb 1881Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958150
4 Braddock, John A. Jr.  8 Dec 1894Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958156
5 Braddock, Lelia Frances  14 Feb 1875Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958147
6 Braddock, Selesee  1898Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958214
7 Braddock, William D.  7 Dec 1885Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958161
8 Braddock, William Monteith  1819Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958995
9 Colson, Abraham H.  15 Apr 1838Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958075
10 Davis, Hattie  1877Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958920
11 Dukes, Jonathan  1844Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193965309
12 Geiger, James William Jr.  10 Jul 1840Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958887
13 Geiger, John Greenleaf  15 Feb 1869Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958891
14 Haddock, Sarah Jane  30 Mar 1856Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958145
15 Hart, William Louis B. Jr.  9 Sep 1782Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193965050
16 Higginbotham, Geneva  25 Feb 1895Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958203
17 Higginbotham, J. L.  1873Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193957996
18 Higginbotham, Katy  1904Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958207
19 Higginbotham, Louisa  31 Aug 1827Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958243
20 Higginbotham, Sanderson  22 Jul 1892Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193959095
21 Johnson, Bernice  29 Jan 1920Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958598
22 Johnson, Walter Scott  1 Nov 1879Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958568
23 Jones, Carlyle  5 Feb 1890Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958301
24 Jones, Peter Green  2 May 1884Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958234
25 Libby, Charlotte  4 Jun 1869Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958169
26 Ogilvie, Ella Pencie  1873Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958023
27 Wilds, Jessie O.  1872Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193959181
28 Wilds, Julia L.  1874Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193959182
29 Wingate, Elizabeth  14 May 1887Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958183


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Braddock, Emma Elizabeth  21 Jul 1962Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958148
2 Braddock, Eula  23 Oct 1983Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958154
3 Higginbotham, Mary Rebecca  18 Aug 1938Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193957979
4 Johnson, Bernice  2 Sep 1998Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193958598
5 Stephenson, Rodney Wayne  19 Mar 1968Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193967433


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Townsend, Robert Lee  1944Florida National Cemetery,Bushnell,Florida I2193947160