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Fayette County,West Virginia



Matches 1 to 47 of 47

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Dama Margaret  Sep 1892Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967585
2 Brown, Hebert  Apr 1891Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967584
3 Cottrell, Jackie Lee  24 Jun 1938Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967117
4 Hess, Evelyn Leah  14 May 1910Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967708
5 Hess, Mary Jane  27 Mar 1877Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967632
6 Hicks, Addie  15 Dec 1907Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967747
7 Hypes, Annie Florence  9 Sep 1872Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967135
8 Hypes, Arminta E.  Aug 1879Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967137
9 Hypes, Beatrice  22 May 1913Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967164
10 Hypes, Betty Lou  19 Sep 1936Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967817
11 Hypes, Christopher Curtis  6 Mar 1911Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967545
12 Hypes, Clyde Kenneth  6 Aug 1918Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967166
13 Hypes, Colleen   I2193967741
14 Hypes, Cora Belle  29 Jun 1876Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967136
15 Hypes, Florence E.  Apr 1886Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967139
16 Hypes, George Estill  21 Sep 1884Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967241
17 Hypes, Gladys Ann  10 May 1902Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967648
18 Hypes, Hubert C.  21 Jan 1909Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967544
19 Hypes, Kenton  16 Oct 1921Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967167
20 Hypes, Kenton O.  5 Dec 1892Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967141
21 Hypes, Lee  13 Feb 1884Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967138
22 Hypes, Lillie M.   I2193967543
23 Hypes, Mary  27 Dec 1935Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967718
24 Hypes, Phyllis J.  18 Feb 1927Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967749
25 Hypes, Thomas H.  Feb 1898Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967142
26 Hypes, Victor Virgle   I2193967547
27 Hypes, Walter Lowell  7 Feb 1925Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967720
28 Hypes, William K.  16 Sep 1889Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967140
29 Hypes, William Stanley  20 Sep 1906Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967649
30 Jarraj, Jp;;amd  15 Sep 1891Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967710
31 Johnson, Mabel J.  13 Sep 1919Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967132
32 Kirk, Blanche Evelyn  1900Fayette County,West Virginia I2193962855
33 Legg, Vwnjamin W.  11 Feb 1912Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967763
34 Minor, Kittey  Abt 1843Fayette County,West Virginia I2193959399
35 Morton, Wilbur James  19 Jan 1916Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967766
36 Nutter, Catherine L.  Abt 1864Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967257
37 Potter, Minnie Frances  14 Jul 1872Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967647
38 Price, Carrie Francis  5 May 1903Fayette County,West Virginia I2193961143
39 Robertson, Jack  18 Jul 1925Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967727
40 Ruloff, Katherine Hope  24 Aug 1911Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967714
41 Sewell, Marvin Lee  24 Dec 1900Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967713
42 Stanley, Olive  Abt 1888Fayette County,West Virginia I2193965730
43 Stone, Zora  Apr 1876Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967285
44 Syner, Bertha Florence  11 Mar 1902Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967406
45 Unknown, Hazel  Abt 1891Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967163
46 Unknown, Nancy Y,  19 Jan 1950Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967730
47 Withrow, Nancy Delilah  Abt 1813Fayette County,West Virginia I2193960869


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hess, Evelyn Leah  25 Sep 1978Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967708
2 Hess, Theresa Alma  7 Nov 1976Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967125
3 Hypes, Betty Lou  7 Sep 1939Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967817
4 Hypes, Gladys Ann  9 May 1967Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967648
5 Hypes, James Clarence  29 Oct 1940Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967308
6 Hypes, Joseph Washington  Abt 1920Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967133
7 Hypes, Kenton O.  Bef 1930Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967141
8 Hypes, Omar Lester  1949Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967266
9 Hypes, Robert Lee  23 Apr 1980Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967104
10 Hypes, Ruby Alice  Jan 1985Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967643
11 Hypes, Samuel Arthur  17 Jun 1941Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967106
12 Hypes, William Andrew  Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967223
13 Hypes, William Lewis  Mar 1957Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967263
14 Hypes, William Stanley  25 Sep 1982Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967649
15 Jarraj, Jp;;amd  Aug 1978Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967710
16 Kessler, Bessie Evalena  11 Aug 1983Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967759
17 Legg, Vwnjamin W.  20 Aug 1984Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967763
18 Nutter, David  Abt 1894Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967144
19 Nutter, Harriet Ann  1900/1905Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967134
20 Nutter, Icie Blanche  11 Jun 1974Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967685
21 Rader, Isaiah  Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967670
22 Sewell, Marvin Lee  7 Jun 1989Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967713
23 Unknown, Nancy Y,  30 Aug 1988Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967730
24 Webb, Martha L.  Bef 1900Fayette County,West Virginia I2193967262


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hypes / Gray  113 Apr 1904Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355149
2 Hypes / Hall  27 Nov 1938Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355009
3 Hypes / Hess  13 May 1936Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355008
4 Hypes / Hicks  11 Mar 1922Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355222
5 Hypes / Kessler  Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355226
6 Hypes / Massey   F2616355006
7 Hypes / Nutter  6 Sep 1874Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355012
8 Hypes / Potter  18 Mar 1897Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355183
9 Hypes / Renick  12 Jun 1898Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355062
10 Hypes / Stone  Abt 1902Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355184
11 Hypes / Unknown  Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355022
12 Hypes / Unknown  Abt 1906Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355013
13 Hypes / Wais  25 Mar 1925Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355046
14 Hypes / Walker  13 Apr 1896Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355089
15 Jackson / Hypes  4 Sep 1907Fayette County,West Virginia F2616355021