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Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Higginbotham, Albert Wilson  6 Dec 1856Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960943
2 Higginbotham, Altha May  30 Nov 1875Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193965551
3 Higginbotham, Charles Ellis  20 Sep 1855Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960948
4 Higginbotham, Ella Bell  19 Mar 1870Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960950
5 Higginbotham, Ematell  30 Nov 1875Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193965550
6 Higginbotham, Francis  8 Jan 1860Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960945
7 Higginbotham, John Riley  20 Sep 1861Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960946
8 Higginbotham, John T. Lincoln  4 Jan 1861Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960896
9 Higginbotham, Lelia Frances  11 Sep 1873Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193965549
10 Higginbotham, Mary Allis  26 Aug 1863Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960947
11 Higginbotham, Mary Lula Belle  9 Feb 1869Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960949
12 Higginbotham, Mary Magdaline  29 Oct 1843Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960893
13 Higginbotham, R. S.  6 Jun 1862Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960952
14 Higginbotham, Virginia Frances  11 May 1864Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960897
15 Higginbotham, Walter  7 Jan 1872Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193965548
16 Higginbotham, William Alfred  15 Feb 1858Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960944


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Higginbotham, Ematell  15 Dec 1875Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193965550
2 Higginbotham, R. S.  8 Dec 1892Eighteen Mile Creek,Mason County,Virginia I2193960952