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Clay County,West Virginia



Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, John Sephus  Abt 1892Clay County,West Virginia I2193961129
2 Bird, Roscoe Servert  25 Jul 1914Clay County,West Virginia I2193967196
3 Bragg, Eugene Elvin  7 Sep 1896Clay County,West Virginia I2193962879
4 Cain, Iva Lou  Oct 1915Clay County,West Virginia I2193968094
5 Fugate, Charlie   I2193963740
6 Hively, Bessie Jane  2 Mar 1903Clay County,West Virginia I2193968064
7 Hively, Betty Jane  Clay County,West Virginia I2193968084
8 Hively, Ethel Florence  5 Apr 1898Clay County,West Virginia I2193968062
9 Hively, Lily Elizabeth  18 Aug 1894Clay County,West Virginia I2193968060
10 Hively, William Custer  31 Jul 1900Clay County,West Virginia I2193968063
11 Hypes, Elbert E.  18 Aug 1905Clay County,West Virginia I2193967652
12 Hypes, Grafton  25 May 1903Clay County,West Virginia I2193967651
13 Minner, George Washington  Jul 1845Clay County,West Virginia I2193967877
14 Moore, Abimalech  26 Aug 1845Clay County,West Virginia I2193967270
15 Moore, Andrew Wallace  Aug 1879Clay County,West Virginia I2193967275
16 Moore, Edith Cornelia   I2193967888
17 Moore, Edward L.  Jun 1891Clay County,West Virginia I2193967879
18 Moore, Effie Marie   I2193967887
19 Moore, Elvie  Jan 1894Clay County,West Virginia I2193967882
20 Moore, Garnett May  19 Jul 1913Clay County,West Virginia I2193967890
21 Moore, George Murphy  25 Aug 1882Clay County,West Virginia I2193967276
22 Moore, Georgie Mildredge   I2193967889
23 Moore, Goldie Bess  5 Sep 1915Clay County,West Virginia I2193967891
24 Moore, John Wesley  30 Oct 1868Clay County,West Virginia I2193967271
25 Moore, Joseph  15 Jul 1877Clay County,West Virginia I2193967274
26 Moore, Mary Susan  26 Apr 1870Clay County,West Virginia I2193967272
27 Moore, Quentin P.   I2193967892
28 Moore, Roy  Feb 1895Clay County,West Virginia I2193967881
29 Morris, Mary  3 Jan 1920Clay County,West Virginia I2193967742
30 Parker, Arminta Jane  12 Aug 1873Clay County,West Virginia I2193968043
31 Parker, Virgery O.  Feb 1888Clay County,West Virginia I2193968044
32 Samples, Biddie A.  Oct 1866Clay County,West Virginia I2193967880
33 Stockwell, Nettie Marie   I2193968100


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boggess, Benjamin Samuel  22 Feb 1912Clay County,West Virginia I2193960998
2 Hively, William Custer  11 Mar 1979Clay County,West Virginia I2193968063
3 Hypes, Amanda Jane  Clay County,West Virginia I2193967224
4 Moore, Abimalech  1905Clay County,West Virginia I2193967270
5 Morton, Mary Jane  Jun 1869Clay County,West Virginia I2193967312
6 Morton, Thomas Throck  10 Dec 1882Clay County,West Virginia I2193967310


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Ferrell / Hively  2 Jun 1920Clay County,West Virginia F2616355349
2 Friend / Hively  11 Mar 1922Clay County,West Virginia F2616355352
3 Hively / Ferrell  30 Jun 1920Clay County,West Virginia F2616355348
4 Hively / Turner  20 Jul 1918Clay County,West Virginia F2616355350
5 Minner / Moore  3 Jan 1898Clay County,West Virginia F2616355279
6 Moore / Samples  Abt 1892Clay County,West Virginia F2616355281
7 Moore / Samples  20 Jun 1900Clay County,West Virginia F2616355283
8 Underwood / Hively  10 Sep 1910Clay County,West Virginia F2616355347