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Family: / Christina Folk (F2082449814)

m. Bef 17 Dec 1784

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  • Mother | Female
    Christina Folk

    Born  Between 1777-1778   
    Died  1837   
    Father  Johann Jacob "John" Folk | F2082449756 Group Sheet 
    Mother  Elizabeth Catharina "Catherine" Epting | F2082449756 Group Sheet 

  • Notes  Comment:
    • 1) "The following information is from Patty Cooper's letter:
      'I began my family tree research with the Kibler family, and as a result have amassed a great deal of information on that family, but I have no Levi Kibler who was around early enough to have married a child of Jacob Folk. The youngest Levi Kibler I have found is Levi L. Kibler, a son of John Kebler, Sr. and Nancy Farr. This Levi was born 1/15/1811 and would seem to be too young to marry a woman whose siblings were all born in the 1770's. Also, this Levi was a bachelor all of his life. (he had a common law wife, a couple of mistresses [multi-colored] and a bunch of kids [assorted colors as well] but he died officially unmarried, save for a rather intimate relationship with his servant, to whom he left all of his estate.) There were only 2 Kiblers in the Dutch Fork area that I have been able to account for in the late 1700's - John and Michael. There was an Irig Kibler, but it seems that he did not stay long, or produce any heiers.' " Source: "Desc of Jacob Folk" by Frank/Perry/Mike/James Folk.
      2) The above comment by Patty Cooper, if accurate, would seem to eliminate a Kibler marriage to Christina Folk. Also, just looking at the age difference between the alleged "couple" simply makes a union highly unlikely; she was 33 years older than him. Steve Mears, Family Tree Compiler.

    • 1) "Apparently this daughter was already married at the time Peter Stockman became guardian for the younger children." '...17 Dec 1784 Peter Stockman was made guardian of Jacob Folk's minor children, John, Elizabeth, and Jacob." Source: Cath Eliz Epting & Johann Peter Stockman - by Stockman Fam Newsletter. Also, "Descendants of Jacob Folk" Sep 2001 by Frank, Perry, Mike & James Folk.