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151 OBJE: My Pictures\Walter Neal Perry.jpg  
152 OBJE: My Pictures\Williw Alma Stinson.jpg  
153 Oktibbeha County, Mississippi, Marriage Book 8, p. 331. G.T. Little
1984, Those Mississippi Upchurch's, p. 77, indicates there were no
children from this marriage. Also N.R. Murray, Oktibbeha County,
Mississippi, 1863-1900 Computerized Index of Marriage Records. 
Family: F2616579395X
154 On there is a marriage record for Michael Feazel and Mary A. Wise. The marriage date is January 15, 1830 and the location is Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Family: F1041172143
155 Paritne Feroben richbourg ; according to 1900 census La. West carroll parish.
Joe Richbourg was 25 when him and Parine was 18 and they lived in dwelling number 182-191;An in this dwelling was also;
Irene Richbourg (daughter) mar. 1998 whom was 2
Henry Richbourg (son) Apr. 1897 whom was 3
Mattie Farobene ( sister-in-law) May 1898 whom was 2
Charley Farobene(brother-in-law) Jan. 1900 whom was 6/12

Joe Richbourg was a farm laborer
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156 Per Jean Mizell.
This information was found at the Putnam County Library in Palatka, Florida by Mary E. Murphy, Putnam County Archivist, and sent to Pat Braddock Youngs:

I have found the divorce papers for Mary E. and Thomas H. Braddock. I have copied the initial petition she filed with the court, her statement, and the final decree. There are some other documents in the packet but didnot copy them as they did not seem to be that important. This was essentiallyan uncontested divorce. There was no response back from him.

Mary filed ongrounds of that he deserted her in 1889 and that she had heard nothing directly or indirectly since 1891, his whereabouts being unknown. She stated that they were married on December 22, 1876 in San Mateo by Rev. W. E. Stanton. Why this record does not appear in the Putnam County Marriage records, I have no idea. The only thing I can think of is that either the minister failed to record the marriage license or it was pulled after the divorce. One of Mary's witnesses was Joseph Price, then Clerk of Court. 
Family: F2616354247
157 Perry County, Alabama, Marriage Book 1840-1857, p. 356, bond 2208.

Note that the IGI has a double entry, with marriage dates of 26 and
November 1850 given, and a disagreement as to whether the marriage
occurred in Perry County, Alabama or in Perry County, Mississippi.
Perry County, Alabama, is correct.  
Family: F2616579462X
158 Reference Number:119844 Family: F2082389623
159 Reference Number:119845 Family: F2082389624
160 Reference Number:119847 Family: F2082389625
161 Reference Number:119864 Family: F2082389626
162 Reference Number:119885 Family: F2082389627
163 Reference Number:119892 Family: F2082389628
164 Reference Number:119904 Family: F2082389629
165 Reference Number:119958 Family: F2082389630
166 Reference Number:119969 Family: F2082389631
167 Reference Number:119987 Family: F2082389632
168 Reference Number:120008 Family: F2082389633
169 Reference Number:120016 Family: F2082389634
170 Reference Number:120022 Family: F2082389635
171 Reference Number:120031 Family: F2082389636
172 Reference Number:120043 Family: F2082389637
173 Reference Number:120053 Family: F2082389638
174 Reference Number:120070  
175 Reference Number:120140 Family: F2082389642
176 Reference Number:120164 Family: F2082389643
177 Reference Number:120181 Family: F2082389644
178 Reference Number:120233 Family: F2082389645
179 Reference Number:120270 Family: F2082426586
180 Reference Number:120281 Family: F2082389647
181 Reference Number:120290 Family: F2082389648
182 Reference Number:120295 Family: F2082389649
183 Reference Number:120303 Family: F2082389650
184 Reference Number:120326 Family: F2082389651
185 Reference Number:120343 Family: F2082389652
186 Reference Number:120349 Family: F2082389653
187 Reference Number:120357 Family: F2082389654
188 Reference Number:120387 Family: F2082389655
189 Reference Number:120395 Family: F2082389656
190 Reference Number:120402 Family: F2082389657
191 Reference Number:120412 Family: F2082385110
192 Reference Number:120456 Family: F2082389659
193 Reference Number:120467 Family: F2082389660
194 Reference Number:120476 Family: F2082389661
195 Reference Number:120480 Family: F2082389662
196 Reference Number:120482 Family: F2082389663
197 Reference Number:120492 Family: F2082389664
198 Reference Number:120504 Family: F2082389665
199 Reference Number:120522 Family: F2082389666
200 Reference Number:120532 Family: F2082389667

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